Penguin has created the perfect set of thermal base layers made of merino wool. For skiers and snowboarders, merino is a warm fabric known for preventing riders from sweating.

No Stink

Merino wool prevents the riders from sweating too much.

Resistant Merino wool

With the addition of nylon in the yarn, the base layers are more stable and durable

For Freeriders

Hohe Funktionalität für jede Saison.

Crewneck Merino Base Layer

Same as for the half-zip merino base layer, we have chosen a special merino wool for our base layer made from a very fine merino fiber (17.5 microns to be exact).  The form-fit of our Merino base layer provides warmth and comfort directly on the skin. this long-lasting ski layer is an essential clothing for all freeriders.  

Exist in the following colors :

Merino Base Layer Pants for Men

Tight body fit and high-quality merino wool to remain warm in all conditions. This thermal underwear for men benefits from the addition of a core of nylon inside our merino yarn, making these merino underwear pants particularly long-lasting.

Merino Wool Beanie

The perfect accessory for a long powder day. Made of 100% merino wool in Switzerland, this beanie is a Penguin signature.

Meeting another Penguin rider will make both of you smile. 
Welcome to the crew!

Exist in the following colors :

Haven't found the perfect thermal base layer for men ?

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Merino Base Layers for Men

How to pick a warm base layer?

From snowboard and ski thermal & underwear to merino base-layer, Penguin clothing created a comfy and warm outfit. Depending on your activity, snowboard and ski base layers made of merino wool prevent you from sweating and getting cold. If your activity is more hiking, the merino wool t-shirt will be the perfect fit, all year long. Shop online for your base layer for men, between our crewneck and half-zip merino base layers, depending on the comfort and neck protection you want.