The insulation layer series for men has been created to keep you warm and comfortable. Our Penguin crew tested all our snowboard and ski mid layers, composed of three innovative fabrics.

Why the S Café mid layer ?

Penguin new fabric technology

Made out of coffee grounds

The S Café fabric is actually made of residues of coffee grounds

Fast drying mid layer fabric

S Café fibers are drying fast, preventing sweat from accumulating between layers


Made out of coffee grounds and requiring lower energy than other fabrics

S.Café Stretch Fleece 
Insulation Hoodie

This S.Café mid-layer fleece hoodie is made from a stretchy and fast-drying textile. The polyester yarn is also enriched with coffee grounds, which has an odor-neutralizing effect in addition to the ecological aspect. The soft brushed inside makes it very comfortable to wear. The fleece is ideally worn as an insulation layer between underwear and shell, depending on temperature and need. A ski mid layer that is ideal for stowing in a daypack.


Pinneco Mid Layer Jacket 

The flexible Pinneco® Mantle Super Stretch padding, which has been processed into this jacket, supports the interaction with the stretchable inner and outer fabric and gives the wearer optimum freedom of movement. The jacket can be worn as an intermediate layer underneath, or on a dry day also as an outer jacket.

Pinneco Mid Layer Underwear Short

Another insulation highlight for the colder days is our “easy-on-easy-off” insulation short. This is a loyal companion on backcountry expeditions. Due to the two zipper closure, this short can be pulled on and off without having to remove the shoes.

We've used the flexible Pinneco® insulation on the front and the back, adding more stretchy fleece inserts to the sides for freedom of movement.

Exist in the following colors:

Why the Pinneco mid layer ?

Penguin hoodie and jacket made of Pinneco

Breathable fabric

Pinneco fibers allow great breathability and a cozy warmth

Stretchable fabric

Pinneco fibers are stretchable, allowing riders with a freedom of movements


No hazardous chemical and the inside loft is 100% recyclable.

Haven't found the perfect mid layer for men?

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Mid Layers for Men

How to pick the best insulation  layer?

From mid-layer fleece to Pinneco insulation layers, the choice for a Penguin ski mid layer is broad. It all depends on the level of insulation you would like, all year long. Ask yourself. What type of neck? What level of warmth? All our snowboard and ski mid layers are made of Pinneco, S. Café or Hybrid  fibers to provide a freedom of movement, but also prevent sweat and neutralize bad smells.