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The Penguin Philosophy

We are pretty particular about our stuff

We are making the clothing that we need, and not what the so-called Market demands. Every product we process is the result of endless riding, adventures in the outdoors, research in material, and various steps of prototyping. Until a design is finalised, it passes through extensive testing by our Ambassadors and us. Briefly, we are pretty particular about where we put our brand name on.


We are spending a lot of time sourcing for innovative materials, new components and enjoy the endless hours in the factories where we further improve our products. In a sort of stubborn focus to detail we aim to perfecting our products in form, material and style. We like to sit at a table with our suppliers, eating noodle soup and philosophize how to bring our product to the next level.


Being based in Switzerland, where precision and functionality is tradition, we design product that’s noting more than reduced to the essentials. Having the opportunity to test our product relentlessly at our doorstep helps. And it motivates us to follow and refine our products day by day.


We hope you will enjoy the small details and the comfort we strive to deliver to you by taking the extra effort in processing our products.