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The Brand Penguin

A journey with smiles, sweat and tears

When we first got started with Penguin, we just finished school and were motivated to start something on our own (and eventually change the world doing so). We realized how disatisfied we were with our ski and snowboard wear, and thought it would be a great idea to make our own. Let's create products that are simple and functional and durable enough to survive our kind of riding; which was what we did every free minute in the Winter during those days. Sounds easy! And Penguin was born.


A few years later, with bit of grey hair left on the head, we look back at quite a journey and a pretty satisfying development. We grew slowly, which was helpful finding our way, improving our products and staying independent.


We are making products that we like to use ourselves, and therefore believe that maybe some of you out there might also enjoy. We don't like to compromise on performance. To this day, we follow our ethos and think there's nothing more valuable than to feel the utmost of comfort while enjoying these wonderful days out there in the powder.


Looking to the future, we stay excited. We know our industry is not the easiest; our clothing is not for everyone. But nonetheless, we are taking 4am phone calls to our partners in Asia to discuss products withe a smile, as we are anxiously awaiting the new delivery of prototypes that we are personally going to test in the field.

Ride on!

Team Penguin