Unisex Penguin Logo T-shirt


50.00 CHF

Frauen Fiberball Isolations-Weste
Frauen Fiberball Isolations-Weste
180.00 CHF
180.00 CHF

Unisex Penguin Logo T-shirt

50.00 CHF 50.0 CHF 50.00 CHF

50.00 CHF

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100% Baumwolle. Das Baumwolle-Textil beziehen wir aus Portugal.

To help you select the correct size of garment,we've put together our recommendation below

How to Measure

Chest contour. Measure around the widest point of the chest,keeping the tape horizontal.

Waist contour. Measure around the narrowest point of the waist, keeping the tape horizontal.

Hip contour. Keeping the feet together, measure around the widest point of the hip, keeping the tape horizontal.

How to choose the Right Size

Measures are expressed in centimetres. If the taken measures are between two sizes, choose the smallest if you prefer a tighter fitting or the largest if you prefer a baggier fitting.

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Farbe Marl Grey or Marl Blue or Marl Charcoal
Grösse Xsmall or Small or Medium or Large or XLarge or 2XLarge