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Men Fiberball Insulation Jacket
320.00 CHF 320.00 CHF 320.0 CHF
Men Pinneco Insulation Jacket with hood
260.00 CHF 260.00 CHF 260.0 CHF
Men Fiberball Insulation Vest
180.00 CHF 180.00 CHF 180.0 CHF
Fiberball insulation is now also available as a vest. The innovative tube system is based on woven insulation chambers. The filling provides high thermal performance at low weight. Versatile use.
Unisex Pinneco Insulation Short
170.00 CHF 170.00 CHF 170.0 CHF
A versatile Pinneco insulation product for the cold days. This short is a loyal companion on backcountry expeditions. Especially the easy-on/easy-off feature is extremely helpful.
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